Tower Physiotherapy has assembled a world class team of health professionals in downtown Calgary. We provide them with the best equipment, so that our clients can experience the best care possible.


Some of our specialty services include:

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Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine

We believe the best physiotherapy starts with providing an accurate diagnosis or your problem. We can then outline the best treatment options available and work with you to build a plan that suits your individual needs and expectations. We are proud to say that we believe our team of experts are among the best physiotherapists in the world and we look forward to working with you.


Having a sports medicine physician in-house provides our clients with fast and convenient access to medical advice when their condition requires a higher level of intervention. Whether it is for concussion management advice, surgical referrals, pain management consultations or any other medical issues, our team of therapists are able to coordinate your care directly with Dr Daphne Anderson MD. The result is a streamlined approach that saves you time.


Specialized Services

Our Physiotherapists complete a thorough post-graduate training program to perform a variety of specialty services. More than just single-service specialists, our therapists can choose from a vast array of treatments depending on your needs, including:

Acupuncture, GUNN IMS and Functional Dry Needling


Fascial release, soft tissue mobilization and massage

GrastonTM and Active ReleaseTM techniques

Motor control retraining and movement re-education

Functional Movement ScreeningTM

Low back pain and neck pain assessment

Sports specific rehabilitation and exercise prescription

Pre and post operative physiotherapy

Pelvic floor Physiotherapy and incontinence care

Headache and TMJ rehabilitation

Bike fitting and gait analysis

Custom knee brace fitting


Calgary Whiplash and Concussion Clinic

The Calgary Whiplash and Concussion Clinic was developed in response to a need within the city to deliver specialized care for individuals who had sustained concussions in a motor vehicle accident. Most concussion treatment programs in Calgary focus on sports related injuries, many even exclude MVA victims.


We are proud to have developed a treatment team specifically to treat concussion patients who were injured in a motor vehicle accident. This challenging condition requires not only excellence in clinical care and pain management but expertise in navigating the complex insurance and health care systems.


Treatments are highly individualized and co-ordinated within our clinic allowing our practitioners to directly communicate with one another and develop a comprehensive recovery plan which may include:

-Sleep Disturbance / Fatigue Management

-Neck Pain and Headache Management

-Sensori-Motor Rehabilitation and Primitive Reflex Therapy

-Dizziness, Vestibular, Visual, Auditory, and Midline-Crossing Rehabilitation


We also have an extensive network of professionals within the community who assist our program with pain management injections, psychology and neuro-opthamology.


World Class Equipment

We provide our therpaists with the best equipment available to give you the best physiotherapy experience possible. Some of the specialized equipment we use includes:


STORZ MEDICAL MP 100 - Shockwave Therapy

K-LASER - Class IV Laser

LOJER Manuthera Mobilization Table



Real-Time Ultrasound


Pain Management Injections

Our physiotherapists have extensive experience in working with pain management injections. The assessment and consultation process is vital to ensure any proposed injections are accurately prescribed, minimizing extraneous procedures which can be frustrating and time consuming.


Pain management injections involve fluoroscopic or ultrasound guided injections and are provided by Interventional Radiologists. Tower Physio works closely with these professionals and our therapists use their expertise to craft a personalized Post-Injection rehabilitation program to maximize the results of your injection.



Public Speaking and Education

Tower Physio has many internationally renowned instructors on staff as well as vibrant public speakers who can put together an exciting program of scientific and professional presentations to engage your audience.


Entertaining, relevant presentations range from keynote addresses by experts in the local and international arena, along with workshops, seminars or lunch and learns from a wealth of experience.




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